Antarctica Discoveries 2021, My Finds and Some Others

Antarctica Discoveries 2021, My Finds and Some Others

Antarctica Discoveries 2021, My Finds and Some Others

Video about my recent finds in and near Antarctica and some others finds.


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Two Giant Nephilim on Coast 54°14’4.98″S 37°19’7.73″W

Giant Nephilim Face on Coast 54°19’54.72″S 37° 6’18.92″W

Pyramid Looking Structure Across from Statue 54°51’35.77″S 36° 7’21.52″W

Giant Nephliim Head 54°49’52.71″S 35°46’51.91″W

Bizarre Paranormal Scene 67°19’31.62″S 144°40’43.80″E

Strange Entrance 71°22’24.68″S 13°25’9.87″E

Nephilim Faces and Ruinious Mountain Scene 79°44’24.18″S 158°33’29.62″E

Giant Nephlim Hand 82°16’26.07″S 159° 6’38.79″E

Insel Range Appears Like Boat 77°23’52.41″S 161°22’16.47″E

Two Leviathons 78°17’57.53″S 85°31’11.90″W

Nephlim Face In Antartica 79°38’57.19″S 158°48’57.03″E

Strange Marks in Snow 75°42’30.99″S 7° 6’17.09″E

14 Mile Long Structure 70°11’9.98″S 87°49’6.89″E

A Pyramid of Antartica 72° 0’47.69″S 23°27’30.80″E

Hollow Earth Entrance #2 (nwosigns) 66°33’6.60″S 99°50’24.84″E
Hollow Earth Entrance #1 (nwosigns) 66°33’14.05″S 99°43’13.48″E

Ianneo Antarctica Giant Face (Discovered by Mateo Ianneo – Italian Researcher) 72° 0’36.00″S 168°34’40.00″E

Face Antarctica Matteo Ianneo

FW: GIGANTICA Ancient Alien [NEW] Discovery “THE FACE” Antarctica 2019-2020


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