Was Biden Wearing a Wire During the First Debate?

Was Biden Wearing a Wire During the First Debate?

Was Biden Wearing a Wire During the First Debate?

On the night of Tuesday, September 29, 2020, the first presidential debate was held in Cleveland, Ohio. The location was Case Western Reserve University, a private research university known for, among other things; biomedical engineering, electrochemistry and electrochemical engineering. A locality well suited, for a debate, and oddly foreboding of a small micro-event that happened during the early minutes of the evenings deliberation.

For less than ten seconds, from the time markers of 3:39 until 3:43 on this replay, posted by CNN, as Mr. Biden covers his mouth to cough; it is clearly seen on the video, that something minatory is seen extending from the inner sleeve of his left hand. This “something” is clearly not ordinary, has motion and appears to have purpose, as I will show you in this video analysis using Blender video software.

Chris Wallace of Fox News welcomes the audience and then proceeds to describe rules and regulations. “This debate is being conducted under health and safety protocols designed by the Cleveland clinic,” he states, “which is serving as the health security advisor to the commission for all four debates. As a precaution both candidates have agreed that candidates will not shake hands at the beginning of tonight’s debate.”

After reporter Wallace finishes his introduction, both candidates walk in, Mr. Biden is heard asking, “How, you doing, man?”

“How are you, Joe?” is heard in reply.

“I’m well”, come’s the muffled response from former Vice President Biden.

As is the fashion of many news reporters of this day, reporter Wallace begins his first question as a long, confusing, grand stand of an inquiry and directs it at President Trump. Wallace says:

“Gentlemen a lot of people have been waiting for.. this night. Let’s get going. Our first subject is the supreme court. President Trump, you nominated Amy Coney Barrett over the weekend to.. succeed Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the court. You say the constitution is clear about your obligation and the Senate’s to consider a nominee to the court. Vice President Biden, you say that this is an effort by the President and the Republicans to jam through in an appointment and what you call.. an abuse of power. My first question to both of you tonight. Why are you right and make the argument you make and your opponent wrong, and where do you think a Justice Barrett would take the court? President Trump, in this first segment you go first, two minutes.”

Could Wallace have made that first question any longer or more confusing? I remember a day when reporters didn’t become the story. I remember when they would just ask the simple basic questions such as who, what, when, how, where and why. I remember when they would let the interviewee just talk, and talk -as is beholden of reporters.

What “comrade” Wallace is doing is grandstanding. And in this spectacle he is subtly replacing facts with his own seemingly progressive liberal spin and reality.

For example, the phrase “an effort by the President and the Republicans to jam through in an appointment and what you call an abuse of power” is readily slanderous and peculiarly missing information. It is coincidentally reminiscent of an incident in the previous administration, where Joe Biden was then vice president.

It was about twelve years ago when a certain White House Chief of staff, under Obama, by the name of Rahm Emanual tried to “ram” a budget bill down Representative Eric Massa (D-NY) figurative throat stark naked in a shower.

Of course, these events are disputed -as is our actual existence in reality it seems. Just look at what Rep. Massa had to say: ‘”I’m sitting there showering, naked as a jaybird, and here comes Rahm Emanuel, not even with a towel wrapped around his tush, poking his finger in my chest, yelling at me because I wasn’t gonna vote for the president’s [Obama’s] budget,” Massa said. “Do you know how awkward it is to have a political argument with a naked man? … It’s ridiculous.”‘

But of course, in contrast, this soviet-style reporter Chris Wallace, thinks President Trump appointing a judge -which is doing his job- is an abuse of power. But Mr. Emanuel’s behavior is not an affront, and is perfectly acceptable in comparison.

It is reasons like this, that the people of the world are leaving the main stream media in droves and coming to citizen journalists and truth dealers.

After Wallace’s never-ending-story of an opening question, Trump begins, gracefully:

“Thank you very much, Chris. I will tell you very simply. We won the election. Elections have consequences.”

Great response, precise. Now, at this point while President Trump is responding to anchor Wallace’s first question, Biden looks down and laughs to himself. Trump continues:

“…We have the Senate, we have the White House, and we have a phenomenal nominee respected by all. Top, top academic -eh,”

Biden looks up.

“…good in every way. Good in every way. In fact -eh, some of her biggest endorsers are very liberal people,”

Biden is very fidgety and has a horrible poker face. Now, he takes his right hand and scratches above his right ear. Without interruption, President Trump continues:

“…from Notre Dame and other places. So I think she’s going to be fantastic. We have plenty of time. Ah. Even if we did it after the election itself. I have a lot of time after the election, as you know. So I think that, ah, she will be outstanding. She’s going to be, ah,”

Now, Biden looks at Trump, after the former vice president had been staring at his podium for a moment. Biden is looking to his right, he is placed to the left of Trump for the debate. Trump continues uninterrupted:

“…as good as anybody that has served on that court. We really feel that. Ah,”

Mr. Joseph Biden then looks back down at his podium, again. Now, at time stamp 3:28 seconds:

President Trump still talking, “…we have a professor at Notre Dame, highly respected by all, said she’s the single greatest student he’s ever had. He’s been a professor for a long time at a great school.”

At 3:36, Biden can be seen moving his jaw as to adjust his throat, it looks like he has gotten a tickle in his throat.

“And we just, ah,”, says, Trump

It is precisely at this moment that something strange appears up from Biden’s sleeve. Upon deep video analysis something out of the ordinary is assuredly seen. Just as Biden is raising his left hand, turning his body to the left, making a fist and coughing into it. A small dark slender looking “thing” appears to be coming out of Biden’s sleeve.

Trump continues on:

“…we won the election and therefore we have the right to choose her, and very few people knowingly would say otherwise. And by the way, the Democrats, they wouldn’t even think about not doing it. If they had- The only difference is they’d try and do it faster.”

Here Biden has a maniacal laugh, and holds a struggled smile for the remainder of Trump’s answer.

“…There’s no way they would give it up. They had Merrick Garland, but the problem is they didn’t have the election so they were stopped. And probably that would happen in reverse, also. Definitely would happen in reverse. So we won the election and we have the right to do it, Chris.”

Chris Wallace thanks President Trump, and then states, “Um, same question to you Vice President Biden. You have two minute’s.”

Now, we’re going to stop here and talk about Biden’s “sleeve creature thing”. First and foremost, remember hearing in short order after this debate about the alleged “wire”. I had no doubt it was authenticate and didn’t at the time look much into it.

I thought to myself, it must have been some wire, maybe an induction inaudible audio system similar to the one covered by Jessie the Body Ventura on his television show Conspiracy Theory [s01e01 H.A.A.R.P], or also something like MITs induction radio demonstration. Both are similar and quite real technologies that have been around, in public, for well over a hundred years.

Now, things take a turn for the strange. Cue an article, Creeper Joe Biden Just Got A LOT Creepier, which was posted on Rense. This article also linked to a video on Youtube titled, Biden the Borg 2: Sleeve Creatures.

Prepare to enter the world of the strange, the paranormal and the demonic.

According to the aforementioned information, the thing seen on video is “nano” technology. And that a thing called Morgellons was a precursor to the technology.

I have attempted to recreate the video analysis seen in the Biden the Borg 2: Sleeve Creatures video, using officially sourced video. And I will now give you a better understanding to the nature of what is going on in the video.

For one, the Bible tells us, that fallen angels and demons are real. It tell us of a long history of interactions between these beings and human kind, always ending in cataclysmic results. The Bible also tells us of an advanced past, when man was combined with his evil machines in ways that were inhuman, and became an abomination to goodness.

The Bible also tells us that these things will become more seen in the end days. This is why we see many videos of celebrities morphing and shape shifting. Is this happening here? That’s for you to decide.

As an interesting, somber, side note it was reported on Forbes, that following the debate eleven people who worked on it we’re diagnosed with Covid-19. Though, later the clinic clarified that “none of the 11 people accessed the debate hall”.

It makes one wonder, what kind of battles are being waged by proxy, behind the scenes.

Was Biden Wearing a Wire During the First Debate?

A deep video analysis of the first Presidential Debate of 2020



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