Is Ghislaine Maxwell Connected to Missing Child Harmony Montgomery Last Seen in Manchester New Hampshire Two Years Ago?

Is Ghislaine Maxwell Connected to Missing Child Harmony Montgomery Last Seen in Manchester New Hampshire two Years Ago?

Watching the local television news, in an hour mostly dedicated to the China Virus and Betty White’s “great legacy”, the main stream media managed to spare about a minute from their agenda of propaganda for this poor, lost child, who has been missing for two years: Harmony Montgomery.

These stories just tare one’s heart out. Then looking further into the case, one tends to realize what a heartless, cruel world this planet can be. Though this girl has been missing for two years, she was only reported missing last week! How is that even possible? And furthermore, authorities are not sure where she was enrolled, within the Massachusetts school system.

This report follows Ghislaine’s conviction of “procuring underage girls to be sexually abused by the late money manager Jeffrey Epstein” on Wednesday, December 29, 2021. Ghislaine was arrested on Thursday, July 1, 2020 in Bradford, New Hampshire. Bradford, New Hampshire is about thirty miles from Manchester, New Hampshire.

These criminals work in secret signs, numbers and signals. Though seemingly unrelated, a Navy commander and executive officer were relieved of duty the day after the report of the missing child. The name of the ship: USS Montgomery (LCS-8). The same name as the surname of the missing child, Harmony Montgomery.

Are these events related? Could this be more than coincidence, but a criminal network using signs and countersigns? Is it possible, that Ghislaine had a contingency plan? Is it possible, that not only did Ghislaine plan on giving up information, but warning other criminals at the same time with the specifics of this information?

Were there any other events that made national news, that could have been signs or countersigns? On Saturday, January 1, 2022, “The Israel Defense Forces said Saturday morning that two rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip toward central Israel.” And in Detroit, Michigan a car oddly crashed into a “Detroit restaurant with customers inside“.

When one considers paranormal phenomenon and the alien-demonic agenda, an eerie fog, starting off the year in New England for two days, reminds one of the adage: There are no conspiracies, but there are also no coincidences.

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