Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald? (full documentary) | FRONTLINE

Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald? (full documentary) | FRONTLINE

author: FRONTLINE PBS | Official

source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYI4PqtIyE0

There’s a lot of information in this documentary, and a lot of propaganda too. There’s a reason they didn’t show the whole Zapruder film, for the same reason the Warren Commission refused to view it. It’s too telling.

It’s alleged and believed that the driver William Greer was the actual assassin, who was a U.S. Secret Service agent. This belief is suspiciously left out of the film. If one looks at the actual Zapruder film (in full and not zoomed in) and examines it, you will see this: The first shot goes off, the driver slows down and turns around. After the second shot, the driver then speeds forward.

It is alleged that the driver used a specialized bullet made out of sea shell using a pneumonic-like firing device. And furthermore, it is believed, and alleged that John F. Kennedy was assassinated because of his speech condemning secret societies, and that he was planning on blowing the lid on the alien demonic agenda and the shadow government’s involvement with them.

But, you won’t find that belief in this “non-player character”, PBS propagandized version. There is, however, a good deal of information in this documentary. It is worth a watch.